Our Community

Decades in the Making

Planned Community Developers, Ltd. (“PCD”) is a Texas limited partnership, formed in 1997 by the executive officers of Sugarland Properties Incorporated (“SPI”) for purposes of pursuing the acquisition and development of planned communities, shopping centers and suburban offices. PCD continues to manage the remaining development of the 9,700-acre First Colony, which is near substantial buildout.

The four principals of PCD, having an average tenure of over 20 years with SPI, have developed and sold over 6,000 residential lots with attendant amenities and hundreds of acres of both commercial and industrial sites. This team has developed and managed over 2.5 million square feet of retail shopping centers and nearly 500,000 square feet of industrial and office spaces. PCD’s projects have been characterized by innovative and architectural designs and quality construction and have had a positive impact on the communities in which they have been built.

For more information, call 281.242.2000, ask for Don Janssen (commercial/office and residential)or Jennifer Fogle (retail).

New Acquisitions

Planned Community Developers seeks to acquire well-located sites in Texas for new retail, office, residential, and mixed-use projects. We consider sites ranging in size from 25 acres to 2,500 acres which are located on major thoroughfares at major intersections. Interested landowners and brokers may contact Don Janssen either via email at or by calling (281) 242-2000.

Project Timeline